About Us

Urban Landscaping 2 thumbLandscape and Forestry Services Scotland Ltd acting as main contractor offers a full contracting service to local authorities and public bodies as well as many of the country’s leading property factors and land agents. As a sub contractor we work for many of Scotland’s leading house builders, developers and civil engineering companies.

We are a direct labour company preferring to carry out of projects with our own staff, our business has grown steadily over the years based upon not only meeting the needs of our clients but exceeding them. With almost a 100% retention rate we know that we must be doing something right.

Our business model stands out from many of our competitors in that our growth has been organic, funded by our own profits, as such all our plant equipment and vehicles are owned by the business.

Why Choose Us

We are highly experienced at what we do, on average our employees have over 20 years service in the industry. As such our employees are able to adapt to any situation they may encounter on a project. We believe working across a range of connected land based services , be they soft landscape construction, wood land planting, timber fencing or estate maintenance to name a few equips our employees with a range of transferable skills that gives them greater job satisfaction and provides us with a highly motivated and skilled work force.

Innovative Solutions

For a client that was being quoted many week’s worth of landscape seeding almost at the end of a season we were requested to provide a solution, we reprogrammed the other site works to free up areas for seeding brought in large scale agricultural equipment and completed many hectares worth of seeding in only a few days.

For another being quoted thousands to clear a site of green material we organised the site to be cleared and for all green material to be chipped or shredded allowing it to remain on site and be managed as a composted material and re applied to the site. By using our experience to come up with innovation and environmental friendly solution we have saved our clients a great deal of money.

Even on grounds maintenance we have developed alternative solutions rather than have a large visiting squads that appears for a few hours or days every few weeks we prefer to employ a local craftsman gardener and team them up with a trainee to provide a permanent team on site.

Like wise with winter maintenance we offer a fixed price service where we take the risk allowing our clients to work out their budgets, while allowing us to plan for a known level of commitment allows us to provide on of the highest service levels of any contractor in this field.