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Friday, September 17, 2021
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Environmental Weed Control

Environmental Weed ControlWith strict controls on what chemicals can be used in the environment we work closely with our suppliers to select the correct chemical for the task in hand.

Our policy is to avoid toxic chemicals wherever possible and to the use the safest product not only for the operator but also the environment . We can over a range of application methods from quad bike to knapsack or CDA. All operators hold the correct licences for the chemical and application process being used.

However chemical might not be the best solution depending on weed and location as such we can carryout a range of treatments from cutting and burning through to removal.

Our approach is differs from many in the weed control business in that we prefer not to hold stocks of chemicals, but to call off the correct product and amount from our suppliers often being delivered straight to site, with empty containers being returned for approved disposal the same day.

While some times not the most cost effective method we feel that this approach is the best for the environment, we believe the less that chemical is transported, and stored the better, just think how many half used bottles of old chemical are lying around in stores, leaking away causing risk to operators and the land around them.

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