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Friday, September 17, 2021
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Timber Fencing 2 thumbWe can offer a range of fencing systems from agricultural and forestry through to ornamental decorative domestic fencing. Working closely with our selected and approved sub contractors we have extended our range to include metal work and security fencing.

Call Out Service A number of our commercial clients require a 24hour call out service for safety or live stock fencing, we are happy to provide such a service and keep a small stock of materials available at a times to meet what every style of fence they may have. We can attend most call outs within two hours. For Developers We can supply labour only to erect and remove temporary site security fencing, while others have required timber hoarding to be supplied erected and painted. On holiday periods or when sites are closed down we are to offer a site inspection and repair service to ensure sites are maintained in a secure manner.

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