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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Site Clearance

Site Clearance thumbThis still plays a big part in the range of work we carry out, this can be anything from weed killing and mowing down existing vegetation through to scrub clearance to commercial timber harvesting.

We have been able on certain sites to sell timber produced from site clearance giving a return to the developer where our competitors had required payment in full for the works. An increasing popular method of site clearance is to reduce organic material present on site down to a product that can be composted and used back on site. On some sites it has been possible to produce a material that when mixed with existing soil has reduced the need to remove material of site and import top soil for landscaping works resulting in a considerable saving to the client.

Site Clearance Gallery

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  • Tractor Mulching
  • Site Clearance 2
  • Site Clearance

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