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Friday, September 17, 2021
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Winter Maintenance

Snow Clearing thumbWe are one of very few contractors that offer fixed price monthly snow clearing and gritting. We take on the financial risk allowing our clients to budget ahead of time with confidence.

By operating this system we know in advance what service levels we are required to provide and as such can deploy the correct amount of resources to the task. Our clients expect there premises to be ready for operation by opening/ starting time for us this is not a problem as we are not waiting on a phone call to attend site, as would happen on a callout basis. By operating this system our clients avoid large unexpected bills for gritting by companies attending site frequently just to increase there invoice.

Our Method

Again we have brought innovation to this service unlike almost all our competitors we do not operate a fleet of small towed gritters that attend site for a few minutes and then disappear until the next day. By employing locally we are able to man a number of sites at the same time, by stock piling resources on site these operatives are able to meet the sites requirements in full. The advantage of this system is very simple the first operative to site can commence work straight away, our client is not waiting for a vehicle that might be delayed or stuck due to the weather, one of the biggest issues with winter maintenance is often in getting to the sites, by removing the need to go to a central yard and wait on centralized equipment reaching site we are able to provide a higher quality service. By using our network of approved sub contractors and plant hire providers none of our sites are more than minutes away from getting back up of heavy plant if required to deal with excessive snow fall.

Winter Maintenance Gallery

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  • Snow Blower
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  • Over Night Snow Clearing

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